6 Basic, Yet So Often Forgotten, Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your Business

Smart-Small-Business-Marketing-Tips An instant marketing boost might be exactly what your business needs. Looking at your marketing processes from the inside out, paying close attention to the basics and if there are any facets you’ve overlooked, is a crucial step. The following tips might just help serve as reminders and help kickstart your business. Comprehensive Easily-Understandable Marketing Plan Maybe it’s time to get back to your Dell and pull up your marketing plan again. Reads easy? Everybody has access to it? It is Read more [...]

The Digital Divide: Leveraging Your PC to Manage Your Media Collection

pc-laptop-kazoo Most of us have songs, videos, and pictures sitting on our hard drives. It’s taking up space, and it’s not being used when we’re out and about, enjoying life. But, did you know that most of this content can be streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet (or other device)? It’s like having your computer with you wherever you go. Here’s how to do it. Make Sure Your Computer Is Up To The Task You’ll need a computer running at least Windows 7, if you’re a PC person. If you’re Read more [...]

Heart Bleed Bug Exposed: How the Internet’s Heart Attack Virus Works

Heart-Bleed-Computer-Virus-930x360 The Heart Bleed blog went viral the moment it was acknowledged by security experts as a legitimate threat to such mainstays like Google, Yahoo!, Tumblr, and Facebook. Regular netizens were bombarded with suggestions from various websites where they had a registered username and password to change their password immediately. The Heart Bleed bug sounds like a coronary parasite destined to expose and bleed out your arterial and in many ways that's exactly what it does to sensitive internet information.   How Read more [...]

3 Successful Strategies for Your PPC Campaign

OppMax-PPC-Campaigns When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it's definitely very true when it's said that you get what you pay for. PPC is simply the paid placement of links and sometimes blurbs of text and even banners on search engine results pages. PPC and search engine marketing are two interchangeable terms for this reason - both refer to paying search engines for the placement of ads on search engine results pages. But, PPC differs from other forms of advertising in that you pay only for the clicks Read more [...]

How To Improve Your Internet Speed

rwih6t Once you've identified a problem, you're able to take active steps in preventing it from happening again as well as fully eradicating it. If your internet is too slow, there are a number of methods to solve the madness. Sometimes there's very little you can do about the internet speed (if up and moving house isn't an option) but, for most, these helpful suggestions should have you moving in the right direction: Relocate the Router It's a well-known fact that the position of your internet router Read more [...]

3 Ways to Automate Your Day-to-day Management

Communicate-Transparently Running a business is a seemingly endless job. You just don't find a lot of moments where there isn't something to be done. Because of this, all the various demands of management can feel incredibly overwhelming. If you find yourself juggling never-ending problems, check out some of these ways to automate the day-to-day tasks that all managers must deal with. 1. Communicate Transparently Image via Flickr by VFS Digital Design You want to do whatever you can to make sure your employees understand Read more [...]

The Growing Prominence of Google+ and Authorship in 2014

3d illustration of a large silver microphone standing in front of an upright Google Plus logo on a black reflective surface Google Plus and the Importance of Authorship The secret behind success online is to create trust. It may be that a company is looking to build up its market and realises that there is huge potential by targeting the audience that goes online several times a day. There are professional writers who seek to build up a following; their motives can be political, religious or financial perhaps. There is no point if companies and individuals cannot claim ownership. None can succeed with their aims Read more [...]

Internet Marketing is the key to boost your business

imc11 You do not need the permission of anyone to be a successful person or having a successful business. You can beat the big companies that market similar to yours if position your offering in a way that is perceived to be better product. Internet has become an advertising medium for many traders. It has leveled the playing field between large and small companies. When applied with the proper perspective, online marketing can bring great benefits to your business. Read this article if you want some Read more [...]

Braille Is Being Used In Smartphones To Help The Visually Challenged

smartphone-300x224 Technology has transformed lives in several ways. New smartphones with improved applications are being developed for the visually impaired. Messages on these phones can be read with the help of Braille. With the help of a Braille app a blind person can read out a text message or an email. Six buttons on the phone represent the six-dot code which is used by Braille to represent English alphabets. As the user types an alphabet the app reads out each letter. Reading and typing messages becomes easy Read more [...]

How to Stop Nuisance Calls Once and for All

reduce-calls-300x199 For some of us, nuisance calls have already become a part of our daily lives. But this is not how it’s supposed to be. We are not supposed to resign ourselves to nuisance calls and just accept them for what they are. If you can do something about it, then you might as well grab the chance.   The good news is that there are several ways for you to reduce (and even eliminate) those annoying nuisance calls once and for all. By taking these steps, you can breathe more freely and get on with your Read more [...]

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