6 Basic, Yet So Often Forgotten, Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your Business

An instant marketing boost might be exactly what your business needs. Looking at your marketing processes from the inside out, paying close attention to the basics and if there are any facets you’ve overlooked, is a crucial step. The following tips might just help serve as reminders and help kickstart your business.

Comprehensive Easily-Understandable Marketing Plan

Maybe it’s time to get back to your Dell and pull up your marketing plan again. Reads easy? Everybody has access to it? It is comprehensive and well researched enough that it reflects the current state of your industry?

Make sure your plan does all these things and more. Search for the answers to key questions; where you’re placed in the market, where you want to be, how you can get there and what existing opportunities remain.

Understand Your Customers

A no-brainer but something easily forgotten in the midst of passion and work. Getting to know your customers is crucial. The more accurate the information you have on them, the better you’ll be able to sell to them and keep them happy. Work hard to understand their behaviour, requirements and demographics. Use this information to guide your business and write your plan.

Pricing Strategy

Setting a price based on production costs and a margin hardly communicates ‘effective’. Use pricing as part of your marketing armour, deciding what the message is you seek to deliver with your strategy. Go high and you reflect premium. Go low and profitability might not be too great. Consider pricing very carefully. Especially when it comes to your overall plan.

Pay Close Attention to the Marketing Environment

Understanding your customer is one thing, understanding your industry is another. Observing your marketing environment as close as possible helps to identify new opportunities and potential weaknesses in time. Set out periods to research, scan and look for threats in your businesses’ area of operation and build them into your marketing goals.

Treat Feedback and Complaints Like Your Friend

It might hurt us personally but complaints and negative feedback, for a business marketing plan at least, are very useful indeed. Use them to iterate on your product and service, sharpening up the weak areas and responding to complaints timely and effectively so as not to damage your brand name before it is too late.

Build Around the Customer

Finally, one of the biggest steps you can take to ensure a smoothly-executed marketing plan, is to attempt to build your product and service around the customer from the beginning. That means tailoring it to your customers, not to yourself or your people. It also means paying careful in respect to packaging and promotion. The customer is who the business is dependent on most. Appeasing them should be the primary focus of every business looking to market effectively.

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