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The Growing Prominence of Google+ and Authorship in 2014

3d illustration of a large silver microphone standing in front of an upright Google Plus logo on a black reflective surface Google Plus and the Importance of Authorship The secret behind success online is to create trust. It may be that a company is looking to build up its market and realises that there is huge potential by targeting the audience that goes online several times a day. There are professional writers who seek to build up a following; their motives can be political, religious or financial perhaps. There is no point if companies and individuals cannot claim ownership. None can succeed with their aims Read more [...]

jQuery Offers Easy Web Designing For Smart Websites

web-design-image-300x181 There are several factors that make the people to love the website. In simple words there are websites that make the people to love spending time with them. When we make a close look most of these websites, one thing is clear that they are designed with flash technology. It is really true that website designed with this technology provides the website with creative user interaction and stunning visual experience. But at present in most of the websites, it is found that flash is overused and it can Read more [...]

Web Hosting And SEO: How Are They Related?

seo_social1-300x161 Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving concept. Google, with its volley of updates has made sure that this phenomenon steers clear of being stagnant and unenterprising. The transition from Black Hat SEO and Link Spamming to Google Hummingbird and “no-follow links”, thus, seemed evident. Now, very interestingly, Google, in one of its latest updates has clearly stated that the page speed remains a critical factor in its search engine algorithms. The page speed inadvertently depends on the Read more [...]