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The Digital Divide: Leveraging Your PC to Manage Your Media Collection

pc-laptop-kazoo Most of us have songs, videos, and pictures sitting on our hard drives. It’s taking up space, and it’s not being used when we’re out and about, enjoying life. But, did you know that most of this content can be streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet (or other device)? It’s like having your computer with you wherever you go. Here’s how to do it. Make Sure Your Computer Is Up To The Task You’ll need a computer running at least Windows 7, if you’re a PC person. If you’re Read more [...]

How To Improve Your Internet Speed

rwih6t Once you've identified a problem, you're able to take active steps in preventing it from happening again as well as fully eradicating it. If your internet is too slow, there are a number of methods to solve the madness. Sometimes there's very little you can do about the internet speed (if up and moving house isn't an option) but, for most, these helpful suggestions should have you moving in the right direction: Relocate the Router It's a well-known fact that the position of your internet router Read more [...]

Braille Is Being Used In Smartphones To Help The Visually Challenged

smartphone-300x224 Technology has transformed lives in several ways. New smartphones with improved applications are being developed for the visually impaired. Messages on these phones can be read with the help of Braille. With the help of a Braille app a blind person can read out a text message or an email. Six buttons on the phone represent the six-dot code which is used by Braille to represent English alphabets. As the user types an alphabet the app reads out each letter. Reading and typing messages becomes easy Read more [...]

How to Stop Nuisance Calls Once and for All

reduce-calls-300x199 For some of us, nuisance calls have already become a part of our daily lives. But this is not how it’s supposed to be. We are not supposed to resign ourselves to nuisance calls and just accept them for what they are. If you can do something about it, then you might as well grab the chance.   The good news is that there are several ways for you to reduce (and even eliminate) those annoying nuisance calls once and for all. By taking these steps, you can breathe more freely and get on with your Read more [...]

Anticipated Tablets Are Gaining Huge Importance In The Indian Market

Tablets-Price-List_01-300x218 tuerThe use of tablets is flourishing at a fast pace and there are some reliable services, which are enhancing the new look and usability of the products. These tablets can be defined as the miniature version of laptops, which are light in weight and portable, at the same time. However, always make it a point to focus more towards the reliable manufacturing zones, which are again anticipating some of the latest tablets, which will make a huge difference in the overall outlook of every individual. Read more [...]

X-Rays Eye the Weld

eyes We take eyesight for granted. People who sadly lose their sight as opposed to being born blind inevitably find life difficult because of their experiences before their eyesight failed. People with 20/20 vision can see with great clarity, but even they cannot see through solid objects. That is a skill that is often given to characters in science fiction. X-ray eyes give our heroes the ability to see solid objects as transparent or simply invisible so that they can see within or beyond the solid object. Read more [...]

Tips and tricks on how to speed up your ADSL connection

ADSLFilter If you think your ADSL connection is running too slow, there may be a few things you can do to speed things up. While you will always be limited bythe speeds offeredby your provider, as well as various other factors such as the distance between you and the exchange, and the quality of the copper wiring providing your connection, there may still be ways to boost your speed to its full potential.   Check the small print First up, check the terms and conditions on the agreement with your Read more [...]

jQuery Offers Easy Web Designing For Smart Websites

web-design-image-300x181 There are several factors that make the people to love the website. In simple words there are websites that make the people to love spending time with them. When we make a close look most of these websites, one thing is clear that they are designed with flash technology. It is really true that website designed with this technology provides the website with creative user interaction and stunning visual experience. But at present in most of the websites, it is found that flash is overused and it can Read more [...]

Caring for Your Lithium-ion Batteries

Li_ion_laptop_battery-300x182 Lithium-ion batteries are perhaps the most widespread power source. This popular product is used to power a number of gadgets around the home and office, including portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, handheld consoles and cordless power tools, thanks to its rechargeable components, high energy density and lasting battery life. However, unbeknown to many, lithium-ion batteries require a certain degree of care to maintain their condition and longevity. Steatite Batteries offers Read more [...]

Web Hosting And SEO: How Are They Related?

seo_social1-300x161 Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving concept. Google, with its volley of updates has made sure that this phenomenon steers clear of being stagnant and unenterprising. The transition from Black Hat SEO and Link Spamming to Google Hummingbird and “no-follow links”, thus, seemed evident. Now, very interestingly, Google, in one of its latest updates has clearly stated that the page speed remains a critical factor in its search engine algorithms. The page speed inadvertently depends on the Read more [...]

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