How To Improve Your Internet Speed

Once you’ve identified a problem, you’re able to take active steps in preventing it from happening again as well as fully eradicating it. If your internet is too slow, there are a number of methods to solve the madness. Sometimes there’s very little you can do about the internet speed (if up and moving house isn’t an option) but, for most, these helpful suggestions should have you moving in the right direction:

Relocate the Router
It’s a well-known fact that the position of your internet router can have an effect on how well your internet works. If you’re in a room that isn’t getting the reception you desire, simply place it somewhere with less obstacles and where there is no interference from another device looking to leech off the wireless capabilities. Another tip is to place it high, so it’s located above all these obstacles and other electronic devices which could cause issues.

Wire Up
You won’t get full power with a wireless connection and, though it may seem like a hassle, connecting your computer with a cable will do wonders for your internet speed, giving you the flexibility you desire. Not only will this boost the internet’s speed, but it’ll also let you know what the problem is, and whether or not the issue lies directly with your internet provider, in which case you can always contemplate switching.

Secure the Network
Fibre Broadband is very good and usually very secure but if you do have wireless, you will have to take great care in updating and upgrading its security. An insecure connection means that you run the risk of having others leech off your internet, dramatically reducing the levels of performance. If you want to keep your allowance all to yourself, prevent others from joining in the fun with a secure network, complete with password and firewall.

Increase Bandwidth
Bandwidth is what you need if you want a faster internet experience and this means stopping anything that will be taking up that bandwidth. Some applications, like Skype, sneakily open up as the computer boots up, hampering your internet speeds. Ensure you’ve altered your settings so that nothing opens up without your say so, protecting that important bandwidth; the same applies for active downloads so ensure all downloads finish before you seek to use the internet in all its glory.


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