jQuery Offers Easy Web Designing For Smart Websites

web-design-imageThere are several factors that make the people to love the website. In simple words there are websites that make the people to love spending time with them. When we make a close look most of these websites, one thing is clear that they are designed with flash technology. It is really true that website designed with this technology provides the website with creative user interaction and stunning visual experience. But at present in most of the websites, it is found that flash is overused and it can affect the loading time and seo facets of the website. Here jQuery come as the best alternative and technology to assure the same effects with several benefits over flash. Here are some of the important benefits of using  jQuery for web designing.


Recently it is found that search engines crawl flash websites and SWF files in terms is not SEO friendly as jQuery. Interactivity is added to existing pages by jQuery and hence it does not affect the visibility and performance of website in terms of SEO.  It is better to use this technology for the websites in need of fancy navigation.


When compared to flash and other similar technologies, size of designs elements or jQuery files are smaller and hence it improves the user experience by fast loading of website in most of the browsers. At present Google considers loading time as one of the important factors in determining the ranking. Hence, you should give importance to the loading time.

Easy to code

Being an open-source technology, lot of online recourse, codes and animation effects for jQuery are readily available for the designers. This helps the designers to select and implement the same in design projects within no time. On the other hand flash and other technologies need high learning curve and coding skills.  

User view

There are several types of internet connections and it is found that most of the present use net setters instead of cables. The speed varies from provider to provider and location to location. It is found that most of the people quit flash website in slow connections due to its loading time issues. Your website should load quickly even in slow connections. More over mobile versions of websites are gaining more popularity now days. Hence, it is better to design the website with jQuery to satisfy the needs of all section of people on the web.


As jQuery is an open source technology, there is no need for the web designer pay for it. This technology hence helps the designers to develop websites at really affordable rates.

Websites goes social

There is no doubt websites are going social and large volume of people from all section of society are using different websites for different purposes. Users include children, professionals, students, businessmen, educated, housewives, common people and more. It is a fact that most of the users will not look in to architectural setup or technology used to develop the website. They need websites to load quickly and provide them with the information they need.

Hence, at present when considering cost, SEO features, internet connection, speed and common people accessibility, it is better to design websites using jQuery. Website developed with the same effects of flash feature without affecting the loading time and performance.

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