The Growing Prominence of Google+ and Authorship in 2014

Google Plus and the Importance of Authorship


The secret behind success online is to create trust. It may be that a company is looking to build up its market and realises that there is huge potential by targeting the audience that goes online several times a day. There are professional writers who seek to build up a following; their motives can be political, religious or financial perhaps. There is no point if companies and individuals cannot claim ownership. None can succeed with their aims by remaining anonymous.

Create a presence


Companies using their websites to market their products and services are advertising ownership by the very existence of their website. If they are looking to expand their audience they need to reach out through the social media and guest blogs to invite questions and comment. Their writers will obviously provide a link back to a relevant page on their website, not just the home page. If the articles and blogs are written by someone that can demonstrate their knowledge of the subject there will automatically be more authority in the content. That can reinforce the efforts to create trust.

The same applies to the individual looking to increase his or her audience. There is no value in anonymous postings. They can get their readers thinking but to what end? A professional writer is trying to get his or her thoughts to be a focus for debate and as such needs to provide access to the audience being developed. Some SEO professionals offer their services to clients needing help to strengthen their hand commercially and individually.

Google +

Google Plus Discussion

Google Plus is a service that can help the ordinary person create an online presence that allows them to link to family and friends. The motive may simply to keep in touch. It can do much more and be a conduit for anyone to reach out and provide news and views that they hope more and more people will read. As time goes by it is possible to get to the point when people are actually waiting for the next piece of news from someone they have begun to follow regularly. That is the stage when a writer can claim to have achieved authority status. There are potentially many benefits in achieving that status.

The service is equally valuable to organisations that wish to reach out to people with their message and recruit more members or sympathisers. Anyone can set up their own profile and it is worth taking a little time over doing it. Any work done online is done for a reason. It is important to be able monitor progress; the number of people who are reading profiles and the content being published. One writer can actually create a number of ‘communities.’ Many political writers comment on most of the world events as they happen, providing their viewpoint and answering any comments which others make. At any one time there can be a number of different strands.

Small screen growth


People of all ages are increasingly accessing the Internet on their smart phones. It cannot be ignored by web designers who realise that pages must sit well on these smaller screens. There is no sign that human behaviour will change. The way forward is increasingly the small screen and people’s messages are important for them and their readers. They must sit comfortably on the screen. All sections of society, individuals, associations, clubs and businesses are using the Internet to build up their networks even as they sit with friends in many social situations. Some are merely intent on friendships and social contact but the messages they share provide growth for their authors. Others have messages they want to convey and many have business to conduct. The former know their friends. The latter two should be certain that their messages have authorship; it’s the best way to achieve their aims.


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